Cleopatra's Pyramid II Slots

Cleopatra's Pyramid II Slots

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to just relax in the personal quarters of the great Cleopatra herself, listen to her stories about Marc Anthony, while you admire all of her precious possessions that you possibly plan on acquiring for yourself? If your thoughts have never drifted in that particular direction, they definitely will now after you spend some time with Cleopatra's Pyramid II.

You will find out that it is both cozy and scary, beautiful and intimidating in the great ruler's home. If you behave in front of the mighty ruler, she will be very good to you. Make no mistake - she has the power to fill up your wallet and your bank account with a snap of her fingers by letting some of her sure-fire bonus features loose.

The Great Queen's Warm Welcome Is Very Good News for Your Bank Account

Obviously, the mighty lady didn't actually live in the Pyramids; she had a separate palace where she resided. For the sake of that romantic image of Cleopatra standing on a balcony that never existed, consuming grapes, while observing her entire realm from one of the majestic pointy wonders of the world, WGS' artists have decided to distort history.

Overall you will become quite good friends; how can you not when she will contribute to your financial situation in twenty different ways at least? Some of Cleo's belongings are a bit of a let-down, like her letters and numbers, which don't pay well at all. However, some of the other artifacts decorating her luminous golden home are more than worth stealing.

The all-powerful, legendary Ankh is also part of her personal collection. In one of the corners of her bedroom, you might also find an awesome black replica of Anubis' head. Get a hold of the iron eye statuette, and of course, don't miss out on the shiny blue Scarab that looks like it is made of solid sapphire. Don't hold it against the lady that she has so many weird things in her room - that's just Egyptian mythology for you, and she is just keeping up with the trends.

Be a Loyal Servant to Your Queen, and She Will Unleash Her Money-Making Capabilities

Of course, it is the great Egyptian ruler that will make the biggest paytable contributions to your account - 5000 coins. The surprises don't stop there, though. You can use the Pyramid icon to give yourself up to forty free opportunities to boost your online funds.

With Cleopatra's permission, who will be quite agreeable throughout your entire visit, you will also be able to undertake a small mission to look through every corner of the ancient structure, not just the queen's personal space.

You will roam alone through every tunnel and hidden hall and claim whatever treasures you want. Your cue that it is time to return to the queen's pleasurable company will be an encounter with a disgusting mummy spreading its arms, trying to get you.