Jurassic Slots

If you have seen the movie Jurassic Park, then you will be very familiar with Jurassic Slots as it based on the movie. This is a beautifully designed version, and is considered a high roller’s slot game. But don’t let that stop you from playing this slot game. You can play Jurassic Slots at Liberty Slot Casino. Just register, choose whether you wish to play for fun or for real money, click on the slots tab, and then on 5-reel bonus slot, and you will find Jurassic Slot in alphabetical order.

Game Facts

Jurassic Slots is a 5-reel, 25-payline bonus video slot. The jackpot is worth $50,000! The coin sizes range from one cent to $10, with a max bet of $250 per spin. If you feel this is not within your budget, begin with the smaller denominations and work your way up the betting ladder. There is an auto play button available that will allow you to take a break. It will spin up to 500 times. We also recommend you read the pay table as it will contain all the information you need on symbols, payouts, and bonus features.


Phenomenal is the word we would use to describe the symbols in Jurassic Slots. Look for three very important symbols: the Bonus symbol, the Scatter symbol, and the Wild Symbol. Three eggs make up the bonus symbol. When three or more appear on the reels, you will be awarded a token. The Logo is the scatter symbol. When three or more appear on reels 1 and 3, you will receive a reward. T-Rex is the wild symbol. He substitutes for all other symbols to form winning combinations. He does not substitute for the Bonus or Scatter symbols. Other symbols include: a Dinosaur, a Jeep, three more Dinosaurs, a helicopter, a winged bird, and more. There are no card symbols in this slot game. Get all five Dinosaur symbols to win the jackpot.

The Bonus Round

What a spectacular bonus round this is! Get three or more bonus symbols, and you will be directed to press the keypad on the screen in order to enter the lab. Once inside the lab, you will be directed to select one of nine areas that are lit. An instant prize will be given to you after your selection. The second part of this bonus round will ask you to go to an Island. Here you will be tasked to choose one of five targets. Once done, a prize will be yours. The next adventure will take place at a locked barrier. You will be directed to choose one of three locks. Upon selecting the correct lock, the fourth part of this bonus round will commence. Note: If you do not select the correct lock, the bonus round ends. The final round requires that you buy a key card using your winnings. The key card has to open a container. However, there is another option. You can go on a helicopter to an island and all your prizes will be totaled and awarded.

Play Jurassic Slots at Liberty Slot Casino

One of great aspects in playing Jurassic Slots is its 4-tier bonus. There is nothing like it online. And considering the $50,000 jackpot, there is no way you can resist playing Jurassic Slots.