Treasure Trail Slots

Treasure Trail Slots is a classic progressive slot. Its theme is obviously Treasure, and it does have a huge progressive jackpot. You can play Treasure Trail Slots for real money only by joining Liberty Slot Casino. Click on the instant play icon, register from the lobby area, click on Slots, then Progressive Slots, and you will find this slot game in alphabetical order.

Game Facts

Treasure Trail Slots is a 3-rel, 1-payline classic progressive slot. Right off the bat, we advise you to bet the max as well as all 3 coins in order to successfully win at this game. This is a $1.25 bet game and the max bet is $3.75. Ideally suited for all slot players, you can really rake in the money playing this slot game. The payable is located above the slot machine and it lists all the symbols and their payouts. There is also an Auto Play button for your convenience, should you need a break. It plays up to 500 spins.

On the Trail to Fortune

The symbols in Treasure Trail Slots include; an X symbol that is wild. This symbol, when appearing once on the reels, will payout 2xs your bet; and when it appears two times on the reels, will payout 4xs your bet. This symbol will also pay out the progressive jackpot when all three appear on the reels. Other symbols include: 7s, single bars, double bars, triple bars, and treasure chests. There are no other bonuses in this game.

Play Treasure Trail Slots at Lincoln Slot Casino

A highly lucrative game for the price, we recommend you play Treasure Trail Slots and vie for the enormous progressive jackpot.