Triple 10x Wild Slots

Triple 10x Wild Slots

Triple 10X Wild is fast become of the more popular classic slots online. This is due to the fact that you can win a jackpot of $30,000 if you bet all three coins as a max bet. This slot game also has the "wildest" wild symbols we've seen. There are a 3X wild and a 10X wild. More incredibly, however, is that if you are on budget, the least you can win - jackpot-wise - is $10,000. You can play Triple 10X Wild Slots for fun at Lincoln and Liberty Slots Casinos by simply registering, or you can play for real money by signing up and making a deposit directly through the lobby area.

Game Facts

Triple 10X Wild is a classic slot with one of the biggest kicks in it. The jackpots range from 10,000 for 1 coin bet; 20,000 for 2 coins bet; and 30,000 for all three coins bet. Each coin is worth from one cent to $10, but if you bet the max, you can win the aforementioned jackpots. The max bet is $30, and it is definitely worth betting the max in this very lucrative slot game. The pay table is located directly above the slot machine so that you can view the symbols, payouts, and wild symbols as well. There is an Auto Play button you can use at any time.

Wild Symbols Abound

Although there are traditional symbols in this game, there are several Wild symbols that will win you the jackpots depending upon the number of coins you bet. The symbols include: cherries, bars, cash, bells, red 7s, and the mother of all wild symbols: a 3xs wild icon and a 10xs wild icon. Get any 10xs symbol on the pay line and you will win 10xs your bet. Get a combo of the 10xs and 3xs symbols and you will win 30xs your bet. Get one 3xs symbol and win 3xs your bet or get any two 3xs symbols to win 9xs your bet. You will no doubt come out a winner if you bet the max per spin.

Play Triple 10X Wild Slots

As mentioned earlier, this is by far one of the most popular classic slots online today. The payouts are enormous, and the chance to win any one of three jackpots is more than conceivable. We invite you to play Triple 10X Wild Slots at our featured casinos.