Win Place or Show Slots

The theme of this slot game is horse racing. This is a progressive classic slot game with two pay tables. It is unique to this ilk of classic slots, however, we do urge you to bet the max to give yourself ample opportunities to win the progressive jackpot and/or the highest payouts. You can play Win Place or Show Slots for real money only at Liberty Slot Casino. Go to the site, click on instant play, register in the lobby area, slick on Slots tab, and then Progressive slots, and you will find Win Place or Show Slots at the bottom of the list.

Game Facts

A 3-reel, 1-payline progressive classic slot, Win Play or Show has a running jackpot. This is also a 50 cent slot game, which is absolutely ideal for all online slot players. The max bet is $1.50 per spin and we strongly suggest you bet the max with each spin to guarantee the chance to win the progressive jackpot. The pay table is located at the top of the slot machine and lists the symbols and payouts. There is also an Auto Play button that allows up to 500 spins, should you need it.

The Pay Tables

We have reviewed several classic progressive slot games with two pay tables. This one is no different. On the left side you will see a payable with lower payouts, while on the right side you will see a payable with higher payouts including the progressive jackpot wins. The symbols in this game include: 7s, cherries, single, double, and triple bars, horseshoes, medallions, and the trophy. It is the Trophy symbol that can win you the progressive jackpot if you bet the max. If not, you can win 500 with one coin, and 1000 with two coins.

Play Win Place or Show Slots

If you enjoy horseracing, then we invite you to race to Liberty Slot Casino and play win Play or Show Slots.