Amazing 7's Slots

Amazing 7's Slots

This slot game is truly amazing! It is a class slot with 20 pay lines, and the jackpot is worth 100,000 coins! Any classic slot player will triumph playing this game as the slot machine pays left to right and right to left. It is a fabulous game, and we invite you to play it when you join Liberty Slot Casino. All you have to do is to register in the lobby, choose play for fun or for real money; select the slots tab and look for this game under 5-reel slot.

Game Facts

A 5-reel, 20-payline slot game, Amazing 7s has all the symbols you would find in a classic 3-reel slot game. But in this game, the 7s are on fire! This is a stunningly designed that you will enjoy for hours. Now the jackpot is worth 100,000 coins as long as you bet 3 coins and all the lines. The coin size ranges from one cent to $5, with a max bet of $375.00. Yes, this is a bit steep for those on a budget, but if you start with the lower denominations, you can easily work your way up. The slot machine itself has an Auto Play button you can use for up to 500 spins. You can set the coin denomination to whatever you feel comfortable with. Also, it has Play 1, Play 2, and Play 3 Credits - always select 3 credits as well as 25 lines.

The Pay Table and Symbols

The pay table will list the symbols and the payouts when winning combinations occur. The symbols include: bells, cherries, any bar, single bar, double bars, and triple bars. But it is the red 7s that will win you the most money. Get any 7s on the reels and win 200 coins; get five single 7s to win 5000 coins; get five double 7s and win 10,000 coins; get five triple 7s and win the jackpot worth 100,000 coins.

Play Amazing 7s Slots at Liberty Slot Casino

Amazing 7s Slots is a straightforward slot game, with the fiery 7s on display to win you a barrel of money. It is a wonderful and fun game to play, and all the symbols are beautifully set up for maximum enjoyment.