Ultimate 10x Wild Slots

Ultimate 10x Wild Slots

There are a lot of positives to discover in the simplified gameplay of three-reel titles. If you have made the decision to click on a classic slot, it means that you are looking for quick results, which is why the developer of such a title should ensure the presence of two things - an uncomplicated but profitable set of rules and a decent enough appearance. In the case of Ultimate 10x Wild, WGS does respectably well.

Familiar Gameplay Will Let You Relax and Ignore the Severely Outdated Looks

In all honestly, if you are at least an averagely experienced online bettor, this is far from the best main screen that you have seen on a classic game. Unfortunately, WGS had a period in their development when every single one of their three-reel games looked more or less identical, and Ultimate 10x Wild originates from back then.

You get to see an imitation of an old-school machine from a brick-and-mortar casino with multi-colored handles, and the paytable, the main options, and the reels are packed tightly next to each other. There is barely any remaining space for any other imagery, and Ultimate 10x Wild's artists have chosen raging, slightly pixelated flames - simple but effective.

An Ever-Increasing Jackpot Could Land in Your Bank Account By Surprise

Fire doesn't have a lot to do with any of the icons or the rest of the elements in the game, except for the fact that its most immense rewards will definitely warm your heart. First of all, there is a massive jackpot prize available, and it is of the progressive kind, which means that players who are currently enjoying this title will have the chance to receive it. The progressive jackpot will keep rising, and before it gets to 25 000 dollars, it will randomly go to some lucky bettor who just happens to be playing Ultimate 10x Wild at that exact moment.

Collect the Delicious Symbols with Numbers Three and Ten and Greatly Multiply Your Rewards

The collection of icons that will pop up across the screen after you pull the handle is very easy to recognize - pretty much every classic game out there, regardless of its appearance, has them. We are talking about cherries, BAR signs, bells, and Sevens.

The other undeniable highlight of this modest title is its enormous multipliers. There are two of them - one will boost the funds you have acquired three times, and the bigger one will increase earnings ten times. Both of the extremely valuable icons also have replacing effects, which will further expand your wealth. Probably the best-case scenario would be if you receive one tripling icon and another one that will grow your prizes ten times, and in that case, they will join forces, and your chosen bet will increase thirty times.