Tailgate Blitz Slots

The most riveting pieces of entertainment usually provide the consumer with something they can easily relate to, and Tailgate Blitz certainly qualifies. It tells the endearingly simple story of a couple of friends enjoying a football game while downing large quantities of delicious food and beer - a situation that is very close to the heart of every sports enthusiast.

There is an interesting contrast happening here. The grid acquaints us with two characters, and there we witness the details about the way they plan to spend some quality time together. The scale of the background canvas is completely the opposite - we see a grandiose image of a colossal stadium covered in a million lights coming from the massive crowd. Talk about making the epic feel intimate.

Become Rich in the Funniest of Ways: By Watching People Watch a Football Game

One has to admit that the meta nature of this game is quite hilarious - if you launch it, you will be playing a betting game about people watching sports - an activity that is actually one of the most popular ways to gamble online in real life.

The team of WGS will be filling your wallets with dollar bills in twenty possible ways, and you can pick the precise number of those opportunities. If you are a high-roller and taking big risks puts butterflies in your stomach (the enjoyable kind), then you will be happy to find out that you can bet up to 100 dollars every time before you hit the "Spin" button.

You Won't Believe the Type of Beneficial Items Lying Around in the Sports Fans' Backyard

Apparently, not even games that are in possession of such down-to-earth original themes are immune to the dreaded card symbol curse, which has been boring online gamblers around the world. Fortunately, however, the remaining icons go straight to the point. Joining the party, you will get the immediate option to have a couple of cold beers that you can pick up directly from the ice.

Afterward, you will encounter true happiness as you proceed to stuff your belly full of hotdogs and cheeseburgers. That being said, very few experiences in this game will be as rewarding as the company of the sports fans. One wears a red cap, and the other is a bit more overweight. If you want to get to the most substantial earnings, the real game-changer for your bank account, then you need to focus on getting the substitute symbol, which can contribute to your wealth with 5000 credits.

While having fun on the perfectly cut grass and enjoying the ongoing barbecue, you might come across a simple yellow dollar sign. Don't ignore it; instead, try to find five of that type of icon because if you do, you might boost the numbers in your bank account through seven instant cash rewards.